GIANTEK, founded on 2004, we focused on providing wide range of electronic components or packs, OEM packs, finished electronic products to satisfy all the customer¡¯s needs in the fields of home automatic, household appliance and apparatus, automobile, communication, power supply and so on..

Giantek makes satisfaction with the customer¡¯s needs as the goal and is dedicated to both providing the reliability of the products, the most competitive prices and the best service.
Giantek has also been devoting ourselves to updating new designs in all the existing products, but also brand new products as our satisfactory customized service

Except normal organization, we have our European office which can specially take care of sales and after-sales service on site.
The highest levels of specialization and professional knoweldge, maximum attention to quality, constant technological improvements in munufacturing techniques and considerate services, Giantek has already been accepted by the industry customers for its reliable products, prices and service.
For that reason, Giantek which is constantly growing over six years, has been able to position itself serves for the leading industry companies.
More than just a qualified supplier, we are your businee partner who can consider what you consider during every single stage and your eyes here to control every single point during production and delivery.

Today, Giantek is keeping on applying its extensive experiences and meanwhile constantly developing new projects and expanding new application fields.
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