Terminal blocks
Terminal blocks for PCB-wire guard and CONNECTOR
Terminal blocks for PCB-rising clamp
Terminal blocks for PCB-screwless
Barrier terminal blocks
Terminal blocks for transformer
Europa strips
DIN rail-mounted terminal blocks
Axil series
PCB assembly
Wiring harness
Connector and jack
NI-MH battery and battery pack
Alnico Magnets
NdFeB Magnets
SmCo magnet
Power supply
Modified Sine Wave Inverter
Pure Sine Wave Inverter
Inverter With Charger
On-grid Inverter
Gate opener
Axil series
Calipso series
OEM/ODM Introduction

OEM/ODM ¨C Customized service

The Giantek Customized Service delivers complete solutions and service to fit your needs by our capacity in managing special requests: technical updating and modification, strict quality control and quick deliveries to help you with every phase of customizing and providing our innovative services to assure your company of constant business advantages.

Giantek provides OEM/ODM for INDUSTRY CUSTOMERS for a varies range of products in different application fields such as home automatic, Automobile.
Moreover, we are experts in designing combinated structure of plastic and metal, PCB assembly and simulating terminal blocks or connectors with or without logo.

Please find our proceudure for Customized products made to your specifications
- It is necessary for you to provide us with your drawings, samples or pictures and specifications for our thorough understanding of your needs.
- Giantek offers quick prototypes and specification for your initial approval using the flexible work cell methodology, enabling us to rapidly react to your requirements.
- If you approve the prototypes, we offer design for manufacturability feedback to you to control quality effectively in the mass production and increase overall production yields.
- Final samples and specification are offered to you for final approval.

Contact us today and ask us about OEM/ODM product and services

Resistor assembly
Resistor and Plier packs
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