Terminal blocks
Terminal blocks for PCB-wire guard and CONNECTOR
Terminal blocks for PCB-rising clamp
Terminal blocks for PCB-screwless
Barrier terminal blocks
Terminal blocks for transformer
Europa strips
DIN rail-mounted terminal blocks
Axil series
PCB assembly
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PCB assembly Introduction
We are specialized in PCB assembly for all kinds of electronic products upon OEM/ODM requirements.
Our PCBA is widely applied in communication, automatic control, home appliance and power supply etc.
We will analyze your design and make recommendations to optimizing PCB schematic and layout, improving assembly reliability and provide service of DFM (design for manufacturability) and DFR( design for Reliability)
For dip type, we can assembly by manual insertion (MI) or auto-insertion (AI) and solder with Wave Soldering, Selective Soldering.
For SMD type, we assembly PCB by SMT machines and solder with reflow
Moreover Giantek  has strict inspection and process control methods as follows at every stage of the complicated assembly process.
1.   Visual checking
2.   ICT( In-Circuit Test) and FT (Function test)
3.   SPI (Solder Paste Inspection)
4.   Fly probe in-circuit test for manufacture defect analyzer
5.   AOI (Automatic Optical Inspections) to find and correct the fault in the all process.
6.    X rays testing to find and correct the defects that can¡¯t be find by eye during BGA, PTH soldering.
We have a flexible production arrangement to fit different order quantity.
Besides, we can meet with lead free process
PCB assembly
PCB assembly
PCB assembly
PCB assembly
PCB assembly
PCB assembly
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