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Wiring harness Introduction

We can provide patch cord and gold wire for network and telephone accessories.

Application field:
1. Widely used in network, communication device, automatic control,
2. Widely used in home appliance, office equipments,
3. Widely used in automobile, motorcycle and electric vehicles.

All kinds of wiring harness are available according at any application fields according to customers¡¯ drawing and requirements.
1. wire and cable comply with UL £¨UL1007, 1015, 1061,1430, 1571, 2464, 2468,1095, 1617,1185,1330,1331,2547) or VDE standard. It can be normal PVC wire, spiral/braid shield and halogen free
2. Wire range: 10AWG-32AWG
3. Various connectors or SR are valuable like AMP£¬MOLEX, JST,  PHR,  FCI, Berg , or the equivalent. according to the customer's  requirements
4. Patch cord: fully compatible with Cat 5e/5/6e application with various cable type UTP, FTP, SFTP, SSTP.
Insert-molded strain relief provides the 360-degree protection for mechanical strain.
5. RoHS compliant

Wiring harness
Wiring harness
Wiring harness
Wiring harness
Wiring harness
OBD test wire
Wiring harness for refrigeratory
Wiring harness for magnet ring
Wiring harness for ATV
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